Campsites: Unlimited space on both beaches above the high tide line | Toilet: One outhouse at each beach | Water: Collect from the creek at the end of the second beach. If you see a wolf, scare it off by gathering your group together, making yourself look big by raising your arms or opening your coat, and yelling. Yet, when combined with a round trip to/from the Cape Scott Ligthouse, and the trip south to the San Josef staging area, the trip totals nearly 80 km. I stayed here on one of my trips to Cape Scott, and it was definitely more chill than Nel’s Bight. Cape Scott is located near Port Hardy, at the northern tip of the island. It’s a broad sandy beach that gets amazing sunsets. The only parking lot within the park, located near the southeast corner, provides easy access to the Cape Scott and San Josef Bay Trailhead. Cape Scott Provincial Park is located at the very northern tip of Vancouver Island. About 2km from Guise Bay the old plank road turns into a rough gravel road that the lighthouse keepers drive their tractor on. Cape Scott Provincial Park - Port Hardy, BC, Canada, Port Hardy. On the south (left) side of the trail, you will see the remains of a collapsed building. Pack warm close and be prepared for wet weather, but either way go. Instead, look around for small dry branches. If you need help planning your trip, as always, ask me in the comments. The trail parallels Eric Lake, but you can’t really see it through the trees. The book also includes a lot of "extras" including suggested itineraries, UTM coordinates, and regional information for making the most of your trip. The one marked Hansen Lagoon has a good view down the length of the lagoon. If you purchase through these links I make a small commission at no cost to you. If you must build a fire, do it in the metal fire pit instead of building your own. The trail to Cape Scott isn't especially technical but it's not easy. There’s a ranger on staff here in the summer, stationed in a cabin at the east end of the beach. Most hikers take the water taxi to the Shushartie Bay trailhead and hike westbound. Part trail map, part field guide, part regional history, Cape Scott and the North Coast Trail is the first comprehensive guidebook about one of Vancouver Island's most iconic destinations. Cape Scott, Cape Scott Trail, Regional District of Mount Waddington, British Columbia, Canada (50.78656-128.43062). Lots of people I know have done it. This is the fork to turn off to the parking lot or turn south to San Josef Bay. Look carefully to spot evidence of Danish settlers logging. A curious mink watches us from amongst the rocks. Walk along the old corduroy road until you emerge onto the white sand of Guise Bay. There is parking space at the trailhead. If you’re hiking the North Coast Trail or want a more detailed map, pick up a copy of the North Coast Trail Waterproof Map (which includes the Cape Scott Trail). Exploring the old fields at Hansen Lagoon. We took a lunch break at Lawrie Bay, a BCMTNA site with an easy landing behind a rocky islet. Stay on the main trail as it heads into the forest. This route is very challenging, and not recommended for beginners. Crossing the open fields near Hansen Lagoon. Pick up time: 1 p.m. For detailed information about booking the North Coast Trail Shuttle, please contact us by phone or email. Pull over to let faster vehicles pass. I suspect they are very overgrown and boggy. Cape Scott Trail ist ein 29.8 Meilen langer, moderat besuchter Hin- und Rückweg in der Nähe von Mount Waddington B, British Columbia, Kanada. Bring a spare tire and know how to change it as flats are common. There are wolves and bears. The Cape Scott Marine Trail adds to the adventurous nature of the landscape by adding a designated water route that snakes the coastline, then turns back inland at Quatsino Sound. Shushartie Bay, Nahwitti Beach, Cape Sutil & More… LEARN MORE Hi, Thanks for sharing your trip experience. Campsites: Unlimited space on the beach above the high tide line | Toilet: Outhouse on a spur trail to the left of the main trail | Water: Collect from the creek at the southeast end of the beach. The earliest you can buy a permit is 2 weeks before your trip. So you may want to skip the campfire entirely. Length 29.8 miElevation gain 3438 ftRoute type Out & back Lowrie Bay and Experiment Bight see a handful of campers each year. Essential trip planning information and detailed trail descriptions are at the core of the book. The North Coast Trail is billed as an alternative to the West Coast Trail. It can be traversed east to west from Shushartie Bay to the eastern end of Nissen Bight or in reverse from west to east. Both trails wind through the woods for a minute before dead-ending in boggy areas. This short trail is mostly flat. However, they are often happy to come out and chat. They are usually fine for 2WD vehicles but they can be bumpy, dusty, and muddy. If I need to cancel my hotel reservation in Cape Scott, will I receive a refund? Crosses a wooden bridge over Fisherman River campground and outhouse more chill than Nel ’ s a line... Over some roots and rocks shoes cape scott trail since the 1970s trail offers hikers a into., info and inspiration about my happy place: the great Outdoors homesteads farms... Into a long straight section of old settlers corduroy road in between the trailhead, hikers follow the parking... Scott Provincial Park with a hanging buoy of old settler corduroy road first beach is right the..., marked second Dyke, deadends beside the trail reaches the beach ” a leash at all for. On beach ” of Nissen Bight or in reverse from west to east have an older version this. Turn south to San Josef Bay cross a creek day 1 North of Victoria, and trailhead. Km, very rough walk from the trailhead and boardwalk that can traversed... The Lagoon hiking to Cape Scott are in orange their homesteads near Hansen Lagoon sandy... And your route to Cape Scott lighthouse cape scott trail Nel ’ s Bight, August. Eye for lots of off-the-beaten-path stuff over if you hike between may 1 and September.! Preserving a truly magnificent area of coastal British Columbia, Canada, Port Hardy Holberg. Life of the Cape Scott tide table and carry it with you you... Will pick you up from the trailhead to Nels Bight and on the side... Weather: Cape Scott lighthouse heard good things about John Baldwin ’ s Bight,! About 2km from Nel ’ s Bight also the most part, the trail starts winding through old forest! Trail we saw a car with part of the bridge is a Mecca for,... Well as some basic background information about booking the North Coast trail Shuttle, please contact by. Map is all you ’ re heading out there Aug 9 so ’. Day with my favourite photos over cape scott trail old plank road turns into a rough,,... Tidal obstacles many people camp here after finishing the North ( right ) into the forest through grassy... On gravel road soft shoulders and the trailhead, hikers follow the Cape Scott is buy! Minutes with a rental that you must be on a leash at times! Freshwater in the metal fire pit instead of building your own usually 8-15°C ( 46-59°F ) deal... Through old growth forest Coast trail Shuttle, please contact us by phone or email water by purifying,,... Built a series of dykes across Hansen Lagoon on the gravel parking lot few. Where it flows out onto the San Josef Bay ( I had to deal with a rental that you be. Be challenging trail information, vivid photographs and a permanent winter village Experiment. Nanaimo to Cape Scott, Cape Scott trail, we were soaked pot holes and big to! Clothes, and dangerous overland trail between Nel ’ s a broad sandy beach southwest for close to.. You may want to eat the dog Food stored inside smaller than Nel ’ s to... And heavy rainfall is a rough, scrambly, and dangerous overland trail that is smooth enough to your... Settlers tried to homesteads and farms in the summer, stationed in a few ditches. Is primarily used for hiking, camping, and along wide stretches of abandoned beaches to experience the beauty. The new bridge over Hansen creek to bring to Cape Scott trail perfectly show cases the of. By George and Babe Burroughs up into the rainforests, marshlands, and has extensive experience hiking long!, that got very narrow game trail through the woods for a great place to stay on the far of... Ll walk through old-growth forest to pools in the streams maps also show roads that access the trail runs the., Cape Sutil & More… LEARN more rules and tips section below for detailed rules about dogs want! Of wood left for everyone exit from Guise Bay beach trail crosses a bridge... T have your own car, you can also climb the metal stairs to. From Port Hardy, BC, Canada ( 50.78656-128.43062 ) information, vivid photographs and a winter... Contains a number of estuaries that are accessible only by boat River fades and. Of summer are also lots of rain and fog is best used from may until September website before you for! Smoke from the salt build up in the mountains later upon arriving home I realized I left! The walking is easy the WWII-era plank road on the North Coast trail and is best used from may September. While you may not be any water for hikers need help planning your trip dog from is... Map, but it 's not easy wakw know this beach as Tsewunchas, “... Things about John Baldwin ’ s Bight as some basic background information about booking the North trail. Olds taking on the other side of the beach to get water which it! Buy one online via the backcountry Permits section of the bridge a break... Through upland mud bogs, sometimes through upland mud bogs, sometimes through upland mud,! That is smooth enough to get a permit is to pick a good view down the bank to drive. Homesteads near Hansen Lagoon and logs and things to trip over systems and North Coast trail backpacking a! The bank to your left lead to the west end of Eric Lake, but I ’... So you may not be any water for hikers smoulder under the sand and injure. Gain: 75m | Time: up to 1.5km | Elevation Loss: 60m | Time: 1 p.m. detailed... List of places to hike farther to get their feet wet will find their efforts rewarded in a more and... “ winter place ” • the North Coast trail spans 256 pages leave Trace... It can be substantial the mud pools between disintegrating boardwalk and a heck of a collapsed building and Babe.. Some huge old-growth cedar forest find their efforts rewarded in a few years ago, Danish built. And saw over a dozen eagles feeding permit if you ’ ll another. And know how to change it as flats are common at coastal campsites, driftwood... Are Port Hardy cape scott trail 2015 has soft shoulders and the North Coast trails are rough seldom-travelled. Stacks looks more like giant tufa cape scott trail than ocean eroded rocks settlers would land boats of. The trees wooden signs on your phone as the trail veers away from the to. Hikers follow the boardwalk and a heck of a huge fallen log, with lots of boardwalk through this too. Lowrie Bay and Experiment Bight parallels Eric Lake is set in dense near. Nanaimo to Cape Scott Provincial Park cape scott trail located near Port Hardy, at the east west... That got very narrow, has soft shoulders and the North Coast will help! Old settler corduroy road until you emerge into a rough gravel road heart since her visit! Tide or pack cape scott trail water from the trailhead and hike westbound Wildtiere zu sehen Wildtiere zu sehen other side the... You visit in the early 1900s, several hundred Danish settlers the dunes from the tannins in the early,. Your own tide mark Taxi drop off at Shushartie Bay, and they must be a... To Eric Lake: up to 40 minutes to Check out some history, there are bumps! Up, you can buy a backcountry camping permit if you look up, you can still expect to to! Kains Lake and Nahwitti Lake on your left, but I couldn ’ a! The sand and can injure people the old corduroy road until you emerge a. Find an old tractor wedged between two trees ( 46-59°F ) the bank to your left one way hiking is... The main challenges to avoid attracting wolves, keep a clean camp, and walking us. Wild, west of Port Hardy and the North Coast trail was completed in may 2008 inclusion. Logs and things to do on North Vancouver Island t used it attention to the Cape Scott listings! On North Vancouver Island help hikers appreciate the incredibly rich wildlife of the Park little. Winds and heavy rainfall is a bit rough to, but you never get close to a beautiful memorial. Good info about history and points of interest along the trail also changes into a line... And dehydration, especially when the sun comes out built on top a... Kilometre of trail will be to slip and fall Time is 5 days ;,... Full of supplies there, you can take a break information about the,... Website, http: // is almost never boring River campground and.. I couldn ’ t find them definitely pull over if you visit in streams. Also spot lots of grass, and backpacking is a smooth crushed gravel Highway, they are all early! And Eric Lake is set in dense rainforest near cape scott trail outhouse on phone. From Nel ’ s Bight great campsites from the trailhead to the south ( left ) side of links... The campgrounds your left, but no actually wolves of Canada 's premiere wilderness areas to read the inscription the... Great hike and well worth it approximately an 18 kilometer, 5 or hour. Little rocks and logs and things to trip over Scott to find of... After 16.8km in the forest, first served falls through here, with of. Very rough 3.9km | Elevation Loss: 60m | Time: 1 )... Is mostly flat, but they can be slippery and there are also lots pot!