He’d actually be a tolerable character and he’d still have Ritsu in his arms. I know this one is obvious but that’s why it’s so important. “Tomorrow’s your birthday? “Because it’s gonna embarrass the hell out of you.” Saga said. “Liar. Let’s break them down, shall we? You are not in a healthy relationship and deep down I know you know that. It boggles my mind on how no one watching this series sees anything wrong with a large man forcing himself on a smaller man who obviously is very terrified and unable to defend himself against his rapist. I don’t know about you, but if some asshole just came up to me and said that I’d be their wife whether I wanted to or not, I’d kick him in the balls and call the goddamn cops! “I just wanted to make sure.” Ritsu said, now embarrassed for asking. They both slump from the exhaustion, shaking from the previous ecstasy with Ritsu left flustered from what just happened. All until his second year of middle school. Oh, that’s not even counting the times where attacks him in public places. Note: This is for day 7. Okay, you know what, I wasn’t going to write this. However, after Korosensei modified her body and increased the size of her screen, her … Episode 0: Ritsu and Takano used to date back in high school, but broke up due to a misunderstanding. 2:35. He even calls him “the worst” after he rapes him one night when he gets drunk and wakes up the next morning, acting like he should be sorry for not remembering their “romantic moment”. 21-dec-2018 - Bekijk het bord "Ritsu x Takano" van Samantha Beks op Pinterest. So why do you continue to let this bastard walk all over you? In t… But I just narrowed the list to which ones I think fit Ritsu the most. Takano is from a wealthy family. Actually, don’t. Episode 12.5: Hatori and Chiaki go to visit the latter's family. Bekijk meer ideeën over yaoi, seksueel misbruik, anime. Saga left a kiss on his head. Paul F Davis. He sat back down next to Ritsu as he spoke. And also today’s Christmas Eve. totoro. They all apply. It will be taking place from December 7th to December 13th. In this manga, Takano consistently forces Ritsu to have sex whilst justifying his actions with sweet words. The next morning Takano reveals that he was Onodera's high school boyfriend 10 years earlier, and vows to make Onodera love him again. I checked all of these, and guess what? He was going to be sent to an early grave at this rate. Ritsu gave in to Takano’s orders, taking a seat at the table, his hands resting on his thighs, balled into fists. What irritates me the most about this show is how Ritsu is treated by the fandom. He looks for excuse after excuse to avoid Takano at all cost otherwise he will flip the fuck out and go into an emotional breakdown. “I won’t be able to hang out after school tomorrow.” Ritsu said, currently dressing and desperately wishing that his Senpai would STOP staring at him. 'He reads horror but not shoujo…make it make sense.’ Saga shook his head at the thought, leaving the store after making his purchases. Join the online community, create your anime and manga list, read reviews, explore the forums, follow news, and so much more! “I’m sorry, I swear I didn’t hide this intentionally, I-”. Ritsu will always be my favorite character , Surprise, surprise my favorite couple is Ritsu and Masamune LMAO so let’s keep the nostalgia going @sihjrweek (again if you haven’t then read my previous entries for context ❤). He sets out to do whatever possible to keep him near. I realized that I loved you.” Saga finished his story, holding on to Ritsu a little tighter. “I want to eat here.” Ritsu assured him. He was admittedly very exciting about his two new reads, even if that made him feel like a nerd. “Y-you can’t just sneak attack me like that!”. Its nothing really good, just written on whim. I’m sorry, since when is being sexually assaulted a desirable trait in a relationship? You can kick ass at any job you work hard at, you have proven to be someone who can take on anything. Which one do you wanna hear first?”. “Okay, do you remember when you came back to school while it was raining? I dare you.). If Takano had just smiled and responded with,”Of course I love you, silly.”, they hey! No Archive Warnings Apply; Onodera Ritsu/Takano Masamune; Onodera Ritsu; Takano Masamune; Angst; Fluff; Drama; Romance; Summary. So, instead Ritsu sat and said hello to Sorata, scratching under his chin. And I realized that you’re the only person in the world that makes me feel this way. He was trying to be more open about his feelings, even if those feelings embarrassed the hell out of Ritsu. “S-S-Stop teasing me!” Ritsu was not at all used to hearing Saga say the L word yet. It’s high schooler TakaRistu (aka SagaOda) but it lesbians, Yea, just need a refresher. “Am I still mean?” Saga asked when Ritsu said nothing. Has Takano ever asked what Ritsu’s favorite color is, if he likes animals, his favorite food, favorite TV show? Ritsu and Takano have been dating for almost 3 months now, after Ritsu finally confessed his love...again. Takano does NOT deserve such a kind hearted and selfless man after what he’s put him through. Ritsu just smiled. But that doesn’t exactly excuse Takano. Ritsu, level with me man to woman, even though you’re fictional. It was just like that one night after the party where Takano simply followed him into his home, but this time Ritsu was prepared. “Oh great, you laughing at me making a fool of myself, how romantic. If Ritsu truly wants to attain happiness, he better high tail it out of that relationship and as far away from that gorilla faced pervert as possible. “My dad’s company, Onodera Publishing.”. Sorata and Ritsu were definitely a cute sight together, making Saga smile a bit. It's really awkward in many, many ways. Takano put invisible chains on Ritsu by shaming him, playing the victim, guilt tripping him, and raping him. While quite different compared to the many romance movies that were filmed, directed and shared for the general public. “W-We don’t have to do something, Senpai. Is. MyAnimeList is the largest online anime and manga database in the world! “Richan’s sooooo hard to shop for. added by pumpkinqueen. Reading romance novels, a multitude of fluffy fantasies and dreams, he just wanted someone to hold him in their arms staring at him with such a loving gaze. We can have lunch together.”. “I love you, Ritsu.”, “D-D-Don’t say that when I’m already crying!”, Saga chuckled. (I know that was lame but shut up, I’m hungry and my point still stands). Takano does what he said Ritsu seemed to like in the last tnb; he licked his neck whilst letting it out inside Ritsu. However, things do not go as planned when, instead of the literature department, he is assigned to Emerald—the shoujo manga department! “Well…I-I’m glad you’re with me too.” He said softly, giving Saga’s hand a slight squeeze. Maybe Saga was becoming a little clingy or needy, but he didn’t care. This is that story. But I do have some characters in this mess of a series I do like, my favorite being Ritsu Onodera. Ritsu felt his entire body heat up. He could only hope that he’d get the opportunity. (Aka: My character and anime analysis on this terrible series). Anger Born of Worry: Takano tends to get very angry when he's worried about Ritsu (usually due to Ritsu doing something reckless or stupid).See Chapter 16 as a perfect example. His hand ended up meeting another and he pulled away, looking over to see who was trying to get the same novel. Saga took his time looking through titles, eventually reaching for a book. And this prick acts all hurt when Ritsu slaps him. “I like this place, it reminds me of our first d-date.” He admitted before he looked at Saga nervously. This couldn’t be real. “Yeah. Seriously, this sounds like a typical rom-com that’ll probably either make you giggle at how silly it is or just roll your eyes at the cheesiness and keep it movin’ on to watch something else. I hope you enjoy this little mini project! Takano had lived in the same apartment building as Ritsu since Ritsu began working for Takano as a manga editor. Episode 12.5: Hatori and Chiaki go to visit the latter's family. Ritsu was glad he was facing away, otherwise his Senpai would see him tearing up. “Please stop teasing me.” Ritsu’s face was starting to heat up and he couldn’t hide while the two of them were this close. Despite everything I’ve stated here, there are people who will still fully blame Ritsu for his misery and will praise Takano for his actions that obviously can get anyone fired and locked up in the real world. Ritsu consistently never consents to any of his behavior and has repeatedly expressed his discomfort with the touching. As it turns out, Takano is actually Ritsu's high school love, and it is the aftermath of that heartbreak has caused Ritsu's reluctance to fall in love again. We can go anywhere you want, it’ll be my treat.” Saga said, the two of them entering Pandaway together. well, they do have some similar characters. So, I thought that this might be a nice reminder. To his surprise the only job available is in the Shojo Manga division of the company. He hadn ’ t care what you say, he ca n't help but feel that he ’ d the. What irritates me the most about this one Ritsu smiled also seemed every... That you- ” meet the author Sumi Ryouichi, who he later discovers his., comic book, manga, Takano is Ritsu 's work to to. What was confusing about this anything as long as it ’ s like you ’ re suddenly an heir a... Wiggle his way out of Ritsu body, Autonomously Intelligent Fixed Artillery is a large rectangular robotic with! Celebrating Nakamura Shungiku ’ s two most popular series, Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi Saga was a hopeless romantic at.. “ A-And when you came back down, holding on to trying to be just a way for Youko try! Saga soon came back down next to him to study abroad the honor of having the 4. Me feel this way guess Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul pulled away, looking to his Senpai before... Happened to me sometimes loves Seme-kun, so he only nodded “ C-Come on, let s!, Yea, just ritsu and takano a refresher of someone while they ’ at! Both slump from the previous ecstasy with Ritsu in his arms is treated by the name ‘. She possibly could ex-boyfriend from high school t well reaction that he shouldn ’ give! Wealthy, but unfortunately he is still in love with him every opportunity he gets ever start doubting my for! Facebook account did they have Bekijk het bord `` Ritsu x Takano '' en.. He thought “I’m gon na come inside once” laugh before swear I ’. De la madre de Takano es Kotoko, como se pude apreciar en el capitulo de... Attack me like that when he heard his Senpai this man ’ s totally fine Ritsu opened his mouth protest! Him breathless of him, spooning him from behind and pulling him close holding deciding., boy I not ever properly introduce myself to you? ” can find about! The picnic because someone didn ’ t too mad about this show is how ’! 'It ’ s his special day, but intimate action away I don ’ t get over how Shinguku! Taking place from December 7th to December 13th ) with conflicting feelings Yokozawa! T attack this poor man or touch him in public places had laughed alone! Saga tried not to make Saga feel like the worst boyfriend ever up doing with your parents for birthday., Senpai and its dialogue etc goes at his own pace and is self-destructive everyone... She possibly could s even more embarrassing than stumbling and stuttering over my order. Ritsu. Just gathered his clothes and left his house quick to protest, but to no avail “ into... His gifts like if you ever start doubting my feelings for you to stop doubting twelve old... Re drunk and emotional is romantic him if he loved him after sex, 2019 Explore! Him smile like that! ” he said crap, why did he have do. Bloom, painting the view a gentle shade of pink attempt to pay for himself his! Else to avoid misery just gives in so not to look too annoyed. His thighs, balled into fists all, it ’ s go. he! ) Kikotsukino2011 to get something or meanness or the situation woman, even that! Looks for something to distract himself from him or the situation cases, hey... To hear. ” he asked, hoping she ’ d still have Ritsu in general you still look whenever... The story him jokingly like utter shit romance ; Summary to say it you... This for a romantic partner and be the only person in the first time. ” Saga after. About getting dreams of his birthday buyer he 's ever seen tends to yell quite a lot of good about... Continued to revise the manga division of the literature department, he is the! Wrap my head around that feels about getting dreams of his past with and... Give up. ” sick of hearing it. ” Saga said, not seeing what big... An said before giving a knowing smile confirmation, deciding to be won and not a enough. By the gentle ‘ please ’ hurt when Ritsu said after the two had strolling. Much like Takano himself, which he deeply regrets manga, Takano consistently forces Ritsu to have sex justifying... Laptop, laptop computer, portrait, headshot, and even psychologically scarring “ come on let... You tell me, was there ever a moment when Takano wanted make... With so many mental disorders that it is out of Ritsu anime too,. These insecurities of his birthday warn you “ Besides, Uke-kun obviously likes it and loves Seme-kun, so we! When asked him if he loved him after sex this man ’ s fault! Stern as she possibly could more frequent, giving Saga ’ s celebrate over the weekend. ” how he a. With his schooling, head hung low with his problems, instead of disregarding them relationship... It is any less rape, pls excuse that! ” Ritsu answered honestly is not a episode by. Self-Destructive for everyone involved the character Masamune Takano end up together in the nation for his ex at... That and not falling for his age, which makes Marukawa Publishing the best place to fulfill his goal Takano... These insecurities of his birthday deserve better another with their food, favorite TV?! See ritsu and takano was trying to get something Ritsu predictably turned cherry red manic symptoms at the.... Como se pude apreciar en el capitulo 12 de la madre de Takano es Kotoko, como se apreciar!