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'Pace Egging' is an ancient Easter time custom from England.  Read what Lady says about it here.  and Listen to a song about it here

Pace eggs were blown or hard boiled eggs, brightly painted, decorated or dyed, that were often given to friends and neighbours as tokens of friendship and goodwill.  In Russia, on Easter Saturday, people walk to the chuch with a basket of eggs, a candle and some special Easter bread. They greet one aother with three kisses, ask each other's forgiveness for any offense and exchange eggs as a token of peace for the future.

The word "Pace" is from the Latin word Pacha (Jewish Passover) closely allied to Pacis which means "of peace and may also be translated as "calm, grace, quiet, serenity." and from which comes the Italian word Pace "peace, harmony" (pronounced pah-ché). I like to think of Pace eggs as "Peace eggs"

Here then, we offer you a dozen Peace Eggs to bring you harmony guidance and serenity of spirit.

Just click on an egg to see its message.

f you are in need of guidance, let your intuition help you to choose the egg that will give you the help you need. All of the messages are spiritual concepts which will help you in your journey.

This is our Easter gift to you.





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Click on an egg to reveal its message



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