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Aromatherapy is not new. It has a long history and was known to many ancient cultures, but was almost forgotten until the first part of the 20th century. Recently, it has enjoyed renewed interest and is becoming more and more popular. Aromatherapy offers wonderful benefits - both physical and psychological. Many people are favouring a more natural and holistic approach to healing and this ancient system is the perfect complement to traditional western medicine. Aromatherapy, it seems, has a very promising future.

Let's examine the advantages.
First, it's all natural. That's a big plus these days because people are beginning to realize the undesirable effects of too many synthetics, and chemicals. There is a strong push to "get back to basics" and use renewable natural resources supplied by nature. Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from plants by natural methods such as steam distillation or cold pressing. If you're looking for a more organic way, aroma- therapy fits the bill.

Secondly, it's holistic. People are now much more aware of the connection between mind, body and spirit, and recognize that aromatherapy treats all aspects - physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. As well as having medical properties like anti fungal, anti viral, and antiseptic, essential oils can alter moods, decrease stress, and relax (or energize) the whole system. They trigger and assist the body's self-healing mechanisms.

Third, it's easy and convenient. Aromatherapy is very easy to use - you simply breathe in! It can be as convenient as inhaling some essential oil on a tissue. It's getting much easier to find qualified practitioners, and most offer workshops or basic courses. After learning a few techniques and safety guidelines, most people can follow a simple recipe, making this a wonderful tool for self-help. Those who choose to learn more about this fascinating subject can begin to get creative and start mixing their own blends.


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Fourth, it's enjoyable. Aromatherapy treatments are gentle, non-invasive, and very pleasurable. Treatments - or should I say treat-ments - involve breathing in a wonderful fragrance, relaxing in a scented bath, or enjoying a sensual massage. Need I say more?

Fifth, it's versatile. Essential oils can be used to make one of a kind gifts, personalized cosmetics, perfumes, after-shave, soap or household cleaning products. They can even be used in insect repellents and pet shampoo. Try doing that with a regular prescription!

Sixth, it has bonuses. In addition to helping the body to heal itself and boosting the immune system, aroma-therapy can offer more energy, improved concentration, relief from depression, anger management, stress reduction, pain relief - and much more. And all without taking a single pill or injection. No wonder people around the world have been enjoying it for generations!

Finally, it's reliable. Aromatherapy has withstood the test of time. It's lasted because it works. The benefits (physical and psychological) have been proved.

Aromatherapy - an ancient art that's poised to become the most popular wave of alternative medicine of the future!

By Sylvia Richards: 10/April/2009

© 2009 Sylvia Richards All rights reserved.


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