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The use of essential oils (aromatic plant essences) to promote health, happiness and well being can be traced back hundreds of years. Our ancestors knew that plants, particularly herbs and aromatics were good for much more than just food. They used them to heal the body, calm the mind, balance the emotions and soothe the spirit. Today we call this practice aromatherapy. Within the last twenty years, there has been renewed interest in aromatherapy and many more people every day are discovering the beneficial effects of fragrance for themselves.

One way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy is to burn the aromatic oils at home in an oil burner, or diffuser, especially designed for the purpose. Inhaling the beautiful fragrances with their healing properties is so enjoyable one would be tempted to refer to it as a treat-ment! Some diffusers are made like pots with a big hole in the side and a flat top like a little tray. You put a tea light candle in the bottom, and a small amount of oil in the tray. The heat from the candle warms the oil and the scent spreads through the room. Other types of diffusers may use electricity or batteries instead of a candle to supply heat, and some don't use heat at all but rely on porous clay pots to allow the aromas to seep out. 



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Aromas can be absorbed into the skin, as well as inhaled. You can add a few drops to a warm bath or use them in massage oils to soothe or revitalize. However, undiluted essential oils should not be applied to the skin. They should be diluted in a natural carrier oil first. Try a bath with lemon grass oil followed by a lavender oil massage after a trying day, and feel the tension just slip away.... mmmm!

By Sylvia Richards April 2009

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