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Prep: Have a lit candle in the south for Fire (have the south warden hold it if it's windy) and an unlit candle in the north. If possible, have them be of opposite colors (white/black, red/black, red/green, yellow/black).

This was written for the Wellesley Pagan Students, and thus it is a little bit more of an outline than an actual ritual.

Quarter Calls

HP: We stand at the balance point, between light and dark,
Between Summer,
She walks around the circle deosil, lighting everyone's candles using Fire's candle in the south, then puts it back in the south.

and Autumn.
On this day, when light and dark stand in the south and north
When the world is balanced between them,
We come to say farewell to the summer,
To the light and the Sun, And welcome and prepare ourselves
For the cold and the darkness that are coming.
Summer is ended, and Autumn begins.

Everyone blows out their candles, starting at West and going deosil around the circle.

HP: We stand at the balance point, between light and dark,
Between the old and the new.
Here in this space between past and future
We cast off those things that hinder us
And reach for those things of future promise.

Starting with whoever feels like it people call out something that has held them back, which is then passed around the circle widdershins, softer and softer until it loses it's power in the voice of the person to the left of the speaker. Do this until everyone who wants to has spoken.

HP: And speak for those things of future promise.

Anyone who wants to can call out something that they hope will happen and maybe are planning to work towards during this semester/school year. This is echoed back and forth across the circle gaining in strength, until it comes back to the person who started it. Let everyone speak who wants to.

HP: Here, with the sun set in the west,
We thank the powers that guide us for the summer's growth
For those things we have tended
And those we have gathered in from the cold,
We give thanks.
For the coming Autumn and Winter,
Under the night sky that will soon dominate our days,
In the cloak of the chill that will keep us indoors,
We hope that we will grow in our own ways,
And grow well.

Everyone settles down for a (quick? slow? Depends on temperature!) meditation on the coming Autumn. When people are done with their meditations (which can be anything that they want) they should open their eyes to let the HP know that they're aware. If one person is really going on too long, the HP can give her a gentle tap on the shoulder to warn her.

When everyone's eyes are open, HP asks if there's anything anybody wants to do that hasn't been done yet. (Or better yet, have asked in advance. Do it here.)

If there's nothing left to be done, the HP picks up the chalice and the bread/apples/food from their resting place. I give thanks for(Something from either the past summer or coming autumn).

She takes a sip of the water in the Chalice, takes a piece of bread, and passes the food and drink to the warden of the East, who echoes her words and actions.

Quarter dismissal and open circle.


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