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Choosing the Right Tarot Card Reader

There are all kinds of Tarot card readers. Some dress as gypsies with lots of bangles and jingling bells. Some adopt an aura of mystery so that you just know that they have to be authentic. Some have such an ordinary appearance and demeanour that you almost think you've come to the wrong place. Yes, they come in all shapes and sizes, to suit all tastes. Their styles of reading are different too. Some have a penchant for the theatrical and others are more matter-of-fact and practical. So how do you choose the right reader for you?

Personally, I don't think it matters how "showy" the reader is. Only two questions need to be answered:
1) Can he or she do their job and provide you with the service you're paying for?
2) Does the reader really care about the client?

As far as I'm concerned, if the answers to both of these are yes, the rest doesn't really matter. I'd much sooner go to a mousy little woman sitting in the corner who can really help me, than an elegantly robed person with a flashing neon sign who cannot. The best way to find out is by word of mouth recommendation. Talk to people you know who have been to psychics and listen to what they have to say about them - especially regarding the points below.

Here are a few points that may help you to choose a suitable reader.

Does the reader speak in generalizations that could be true for 90‰ of the population?

Does the reader seem more concerned with making a good impression than actually doing something for the client?

Does the reader try to find insight and clarity around the situation to help the client with their current problems?

Does the reader look as though they genuinely care about the client's emotional state at the end of the reading, or do they just take the money and move on to the next?

I believe the Tarot is more than a means of fortune telling. Hidden within are the keys to the mysteries of life. If we ask, it will provide all the answers and guidance we need. Unfortunately, it's primary use has been forgotten by many and it has been used mainly as a tool with which to predict the future. This use has devalued it in the eyes of many, and for a time, it was all but relegated to a carnival sideshow status due to a lack of understanding of its true nature.

Compare these two readers' interpretations of the same cards:

The first sees the 3 of swords and (correctly) interprets it as a heart attack in about 3 months. She informs the client, and feels that she has done a good job by correctly predicting the future.

The second sees the 3 of swords and also (correctly) interprets it as a heart attack in about 3 months. But he does not tell the client immediately. Instead, he looks deeper into the cards for guidance. Noting (amongst other indications), the fresh produce on the 4 of wands, the hiker on the 8 of cups and the clear water on the Ace of cups he advises the client that lifestyle changes need to be made now. He tells them to go get a medical check-up and advice, to drink more of fresh water, to eat healthy and get some exercise and to get help handling the stress in their life - otherwise there could be unfortunate results in about 3 months. He probably won't mention the heart attack unless pressed.

Which reading is more helpful? Which reader would you sooner go to? Both readings were correct, but the first one stopped a little too soon. She didn't take all that the cards offered, and perhaps didn't understand that it is possible to change the future. Now, if the Death card had been nearby, there's a real possibility that the first reader, armed only with the information about the heart attack, may have interpreted it literally, to mean fatality, whereas the other reader would probably have seen it as necessary change. That’s a very important difference.

At the end of the day, it's not about the reader being right, it's about helping the client. If you are a Tarot card reader, I implore you, learn to use the cards for more than simply affording a glimpse into the future. If you are a client, learn to tell the difference between those who employ the cards to their full potential and those who do not. Only be this means can we fully remove the stigma and restore respect for these remarkable cards.

By Sylvia Richards July 17th 2009

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