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A Fragrant Wedding

The wedding is one of the greatest - and most stressful - occasions of anyone’s life – particularly for the bride. It can be both a dream and a nightmare at the same time! Incorporating aromatherapy into the process can help, and luckily it is fast becoming one of the latest trends in the wedding industry.

Flowers have been used at weddings and other ceremonies for hundreds of years. Some have been traditionally associated with love. Both lavender and marjoram have been used in love potions, and of course, the rose has long been the classic symbol of true love. Greek brides wore sprigs of rosemary, and ivy was used during Roman wedding ceremonies. Flower girls, still seen at traditional weddings, once preceded the bride en route to the church, scattering flower petals as they went. Were the flowers used simply for their colour and beauty, or was it a dimly remembered knowledge of the forgotten art of aromatherapy


Here are some ways to bring the joys of aromatherapy to your wedding. It makes sense to add the dimension of aroma to special celebrations because nothing will rekindle a memory like the sense of smell. Smell is the only sense, which has a direct link to the brain. It can influence our moods, thoughts and behaviour. Not only will the fragrance that you use at your wedding have a positive effect on all who attend, but it will also, in the future, instantly take you back to that special day. On your wedding day, you can go all out with perfumes so what better day could there be to enjoy the romance of essential oils and aromatic waters (or hydrosols). Here are ideas for scented invitations and corsages, preparing the bride, fragrant candles, perfumed gifts, a pre-nuptial bath and erotic scents for the honeymoon. Use them for every wedding related event from the bridal shower, through the ceremony and reception, to the privacy of the marriage chamber.

  • Make scented invitations to both the shower and the wedding. Purchase them several weeks before and place them in a box with a cotton ball onto which you have put 3-4 drops of essential oil. To avoid unwanted marks, make sure the cotton doesn=t touch the invitations. Put them away and let them absorb the aroma for a few weeks.
  • Dampen cotton balls with 3-4 drops of essential oil. Clip some to the inside of the bag holding the wedding gown and place one in the box holding the shoes. Put a couple in the drawer with the bridal lingerie.
The Wedding Shower
  • Use a diffuser to scent the room
  • If you are invited to someone else’s wedding shower; you may want to scent your gift. Lingerie or stationary can be wrapped in tissue scented with essential oils as described for the invitations above. Or, make your own unique gift of scented soaps, bath oil or body lotion.
The Flowers
  • Hide cotton balls dampened with 3or 4 drops of essential oil in the bouquet and in posies carried by the flower girl.
  • Scent corsages or other floral arrangements with essential oils. Use vanilla, Neroli, rose, or lavender.
The Wedding Ceremony
  • To prepare for the special day, the bride to be may like to treat herself to an aromatic bath, footbath, or massage, then slather on some scented lotion. Use calming oils such as lavender or Neroli. Of course, diluted essential oils can be applied to the hair and body or worn as a perfume.
  • Use a diffuser to scent the dressing room with a calming positive aroma such as rose.
  • Use diffusers or aromatic candles to scent the wedding hall.
  • Scent the pages of the guest book with slips of paper ribbon treated with essential oil.
  • Use a natural alternative instead of traditional confetti. You could prepare little organza bags of rose petals, dried lavender and tiny buds. Add a drop of essential oil to each one then tie them with matching ribbon
The Reception:
  • Use aromatic water instead of champagne in a champagne fountain.
  • Perfume the reception hall with essential oils in diffusers or candles - they also make interesting table decorations. Be careful not to overpower the mouth-watering smells of the food and drink!
  • Decorate the hall with real potted flowers or plants. Some suitable ones are roses, geranium and orange blossom.
  • For wedding favours wrap scented floral potpourri in white, pink or lilac silk bags with matching ribbon and petals, for the guests to place under their pillows or in a drawer. Or give aromatic beads, soap or bath salts.
  • Reward your hard working bridesmaids, flower girl and ring bearer with massage oil, bubble bath or scented stationary
  • Send perfumed Thank you notes to all attendants.
The Honeymoon:
  • Perfume the bridal chamber with Vanilla, Jasmine, Lavender or Rose. [Lavender, in combination with other aromas, has an aphrodisiac affect on males; Rose is erotic and sexual; Jasmine brings out male desire while accentuating the feminine and stimulating seduction]. Scatter a few rose petals around too.
  • he bed linen should be spritzed and a few drops of essential oil can be placed on the pillowslips. (Not hotel linen)
  • The bride may take a pre-nuptial bath with fresh rose petals, jasmine flowers and essential oil to relax her and increase sensual desire.

Try to pick no more than two oils so that there is a definite theme. The following essential oils are most versatile for wedding celebrations and romantic use. Although they do tend to also be the most expensive, remember that only a drop or two is used at any one time.
  • Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia): calming; relieves indecisiveness.
  • Rose (Rosa centifolia): luxurious, warm and mysterious; good for confidence and bringing out deep emotion.
  • Neroli (Citrus aurantium): calming yet stimulating; energetic and confident.
  • Ylang Ylang ((Cananga odorata): excitingly exotic; sensually stimulating.
  • Vanilla (Vanilla planifolia): familiar and consoling; offers safety and unleashes hidden sensuality.
  • Jasmine (Jasminum officinale): the mistress of the night; traditionally associated with romance and union; lifts dark moods and anxieties.

By Sylvia Richards 10th April 2009


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