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Cerridwen Ritual for Change and/or Transformation

Items Needed:
1 White candle for Goddess, 4 Green candles for renewal Blessing oil for Goddess candle, Sandalwood oil for green candles Sage incense
Cauldron (for incense) Matches
Bowl of water with sea salt Paper and Pen

Outline: Place Goddess candle in middle of altar and other green candles in each of the four directions.
Anoint candles with oil and light them.
Light incense and purify space.

Cast Circle: Earth Hecate, Goddess of Endings and Beginnings Air Oya, Goddess of Transformations Fire Pele, Goddess of Change and Transformation Spirit Cerridwen-Goddess of Change, Transformation, and Rebirth Conduct self blessing with salt water.

Invocation: " Goddess Cerridwen, be with me here in this circle, and guide me to create the change and transformation I am seeking to create in my life right now.”"

Meditate visualizing the changes and transformations you would like to create in your life right now. After this is clear write down those specific changes and transformations in an area of your life you would like to make now and place on your altar.

Say: "Goddess Cerridwen bless and guide me on this journey of change and transformation. "

The circle is open but unbroken.
Let candles burn out. Keep the piece of paper on your personal altar until the change and transformation has taken place.


By Willow