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A Simple Ritual To Break Psychic Bonds

As we go through life we meet people, collect items, enter situations that teach us very valuable, if sometimes painful, lessons. Once the lesson has been learned, what should we do with the "teacher"? To carry that energy round with us, once it's no longer of positive value to us, is counter productive to our forward growth as spiritual beings. It's important to break the bonds, with loving intention, and move forward in our lives.

The following is a simple ritual that may be performed either as a solitary or group endeavour.

A Simple Ritual to break Psychic Bonds Items needed:
  • Black candle to absorb negativity
  • Blue candle to bring transcendence
  • Cord (long enough to wrap round waist)
  • Athame, cauldron
  • Frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood for purification
  • Cakes and wine
Casting Circle: ((using athame)
  • I cast this circle
  • To protect me from negative energy
  • And positive energy that would work against me
  • I raise this circle
  • To create a time that is not a time,
  • a place that is not a place
  • In a world all its own
  • I draw this circle to erect this temple
  • Wherein I perform this rite, sacred unto myself
Quarter Calls:
  • Hail Spirits of the East.
  • Join me here for a parting feast.

  • Hail Spirits of the South.
  • Partake this ending food with fiery mouth.
  • Hail Spirits of the West.
  • I end this here, let me be blessed.

  • Hail Spirits of the North.
  • I need to bury energy in they earth, so I call the forth.
(Tie cord around your waist. Make a knot for each person, item or incident you wish to free yourself from)

  • Plouton, god of good fortune, god of death
  • I ask thy presence and thy boon
  • You see these bonds around my waist
  • That I shall be breaking soon
  • Carry these energies back to Hades
  • Give them a place in the land of the dead
  • Each knot around this cord
  • On my waist represents something
  • Somehow unresolved.
  • By enacting this rite
  • I am naming myself free!
  • I cut you from me ((name thing/person to be free of)
  • I am free of you ((place knot in burning cauldron)
(repeat as necessary for each thing/person. Cut off all of the cord with athame and throw in cauldron) Over Cauldron:
  • Plouton, as these connections burn
  • Let their power forever wane
  • Take what’s left of them with you to the underworld
  • I have had from them what I can learn
(simple feast to follow with cakes and wine)

  • Plouton, sacred ruler of the dead
  • I have finished my ending rite.
  • Thank you for hearing what I have said
  • Goodbye and travel well to your eternal night.

  • North and earth, carry the energy I raised here
  • Bury it, let it lay fallow - I am done with this rite.

  • West and water, cleanse away these stagnant lines
  • Wash them away - I am done with my rite.

  • South and fire, transform these old energies
  • Into something healthier and happier - I am done with my rite.

  • East and air, blow these old lessons away from me
  • I am ready for new paths - I am done with my right.

  • I cast this circle, thus neutralized, into the universe
  • That whomever needs this energy may take it
  • And I re-enter the time that is a time
  • And the place that is a place.
  • My rite is now ended.
  • So mote it be!


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