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Samhain Pouch

Why not make a little pouch to assist you in contacting loved ones in the Spirit world or to connect to the Faeries! You may already have all the items required at home. If not, they are easy to acquire. Place all items on a piece of muslin cloth and tie with gold or green cotton thread or place in a nice organza bag and carry it around with you all day.


Lavender – Add a few sprinkles of the dried flowers to assist in summoning Spirits.
Ivy – A leaf or two will help to connect with friendships of past and present.
Raven – A pieces of a feather will carry your messages into the Spirit World (A crow feather will do if necessary).
Amethyst – A small point or even a tumbled piece will attune us to the greater spiritual energies that the darkness of winter brings.
Obsidian – A small tumbled piece gives us protection in dark times of winter and our lives.

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