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The Story Of Dot Coming Home

Dorothy Reid, or Dot as everyone called her, was my husband’s Grandmother. She lived to the age of 79. She hated being 79. She couldn’t wait to turn 80, but she never made it. She only made it half way through.

A few years ago she had some tumors which were removed very easily. They kept coming back so finally the doctors decided to remove the affected organs, and just to be safe, they also removed a couple more. Here she was, age 79 and undergoing her first surgery!

The first time I visited her after she got home from the hospital, I sat in her spot where her snuggly eagle blanket was. I automatically picked it up and filled it with energy. The next day she said as soon as she wrapped herself with that blanket, she felt really good and she slept really well that night. I offered to come on a weekly basis to do Reiki on her and help her with her healing. She was very keen on that, so we decided I would come Thursday nights so I could do Reiki on her. She never did ask me any questions about it, but we did have some very interesting conversations.

When I offered to visit with her to do Reiki, I went in with the ego attitude that I was going to heal her so she could live a lot longer. After the first night I realized that was not the case. I came to understand that I was there to help her heal, but not physically. I was there to help her heal Spiritually so she could cross over. She told me she had one wish before she died. She had been to every province in Canada except for Newfoundland and she hoped to get there that following summer.

She told me about her two closest friends, Marge and Ian. She and Ian would talk a lot about death and dying. He was very ill but he told her he was ready to go. Both Marge and Ian died within two weeks of each other. That is when Dot decided to come home to Nova Scotia.

She came back to Nova Scotia and found a nice apartment in Bedford. The first night she moved in, she was out on her balcony. She looked up at the stars and two of them seemed to shine really brightly. She decided one was Marge and the other was Ian. She really missed her friends. So much so she wanted to go to the edge of a cliff and just scream her lungs out! One of her daughters suggested she go out on her balcony, scream as loud as she could and run back in before anyone could look to see who it was!

We would talk about death and she told me what she wanted for her funeral. She did not want people to get all mushy and cry. She wanted her family and friends to celebrate her life.

One time she asked if my husband and I were going to have children. I told her we had been working on it very hard but it did not seem to be in the cards for us. She then said that when she got “up there” and pointed her thumb upwards, she would tell them to smarten up and send us a child! And we did have a baby girl three years later.

Eventually, Dot had to be moved out of her apartment and into a seniors apartment complex so she could have nurses check on her night and day. Her family and doctors did not want her to be alone when it was discovered she had congestive heart failure. She enjoyed the short time she lived there. They had activities and dances, and Dot loved to go to dances! Soon after she was moved in the hospital, she developed pneumonia. For the longest time she did not get any better nor did she get any worse. Then suddenly, she took a drastic down turn. The nurses told the family she had less than five days. As soon as I heard that, I knew I had a job to do.

It was a Monday morning when my mother-in-law told me there were less than five days and that she was asleep most of the time. She was almost comatose. I left work and my husband and I went right into the hospital. She was laying there, tubes coming out of everywhere. She was sleeping but her eyes were slightly open. I thought at first that she was in a coma, but when she began to stir, she opened her eyes all the way. Then I realized she was just sleeping.

When I sat with her, she was asleep, drugged heavily. When she was awake, she was unable to breathe so she panicked. She was kept drugged to avoid undue anxiety. I sat there holding her hand. At this point I thought she was comatose. I looked at her and I told her (quietly of course) that if she was ready to go that she should. Don’t let anyone hold her back. I told her that Ian and Marge were waiting for her. I could feel them in the room.

Suddenly a thought entered my mind. "Use your crystal" I heard. So I reached into my pocket and I pulled out my crystal and put it in between our palms. As soon as I closed our palms around it, she began to stir! She attempted to talk and tried to position herself to sit up! I think she tried to tell me that she was happy. Shortly after that we had to leave and she got upset that I was leaving.

We met one of my husband’s cousins in the hallway as we left and I told her about the crystal and jokingly she say "I need that!" so I lent her the crystal to use while she was sitting with Dot. She was worried about losing it and I assured her not to worry.

We went back to visit her but she was so drugged she slept the entire time we were there. Just before we left she did begin to stir but she was very groggy and didn’t acknowledge anyone. I left with the feeling that would be the last time I would see her.

Tuesday night, I finally shut off the light at 11:00pm to go to sleep. I was trying to drift off to sleep when suddenly I felt Dot’s presence. I felt her desire to go to Newfoundland, so I said to her "Let’s go to Newfoundland!". So off we went. We sat by the shores of Gros Morne, we walked through a town, we watched whales and icebergs go by, then we sat by Gros Morne again. While we were sitting there, I felt a sense she was ready to go. I looked up and suddenly it was much brighter – there was no sky anymore, just bright white light. I felt Marge and Ian waiting for her. I told her to go to the light and her friends. I sensed her moving upwards towards them, and then I fell asleep.

The next morning my mother in law called at 7:45 am to tell us that Dot passed away last night. The memories of our trip came flooding into my mind, and I thought – I was there! I asked her what time she passed away and was surprised (and not surprised at the same time) to hear 1:00 am! Wow!

I stayed home from work that day and I spent the time reflecting on the activities of the night before and of all the time I spent with her – in her apartment and in the hospital. It was a strange feeling all day. A feeling of relief she was no longer suffering, and a feeling of guilt for not spending more time with her. I would never be able to change that.

Next was to wait for the funeral service. She did not want any visitation, a teary eyed funeral, and nor did she want to be buried so there was no coffin at the service. She was cremated and her ashes were in a box on a table in the church. A large picture of her was placed on an easel, and a smaller one with Ian was on a table.

As I was sitting in the pew in the church, I was looking all around to see who was sitting where when suddenly, I felt Dot standing at the front of the church looking to see who was there! She wasn’t happy that some of us were teary eyed, but then she did not mind after all.

After the service, the box was handed to one of her sons to take to the burial site for the internment. As I was watching him carefully lower the box into the ground, I had a strong feeling to place a crystal in the ground with the box. I was hoping I had a rose quartz but I did not. Out of the crystals I had, I chose the amethyst. I had been carrying this crystal for quite some time and I really liked it, so I decided to place that one with the box. It felt right as the crystal slipped from my fingers down in to the deep hole. She could take the crystal home with her.

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