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The Wheat Sheaf:
A Tarot Card Spread for Lammas

Lammas is a lush time of abundance - the first crops are ready and can be harvested. It marks the beginning of autumn. Its other name Lughnasadh comes from the bright Irish sun god Lugh who's energy is now beginning to wane. Here is a Tarot spread that focuses on what the person has harvested and how it can be used.




1. Reap This is what you have grown and can now harvest.
2. Physical harvest - health, finances, home and material things
3. Emotional Harvest - emotions, intuition, relationships, dreams
4. Mental harvest - communication, learning, thoughts, knowledge
5. Spiritual Harvest - creativity, energy, connection to Spirit. intention
6. Brewing. This is what you will choose to make with your harvest
7. Clear away the Chaff. This is what you need to let go
8. Lye Fallow. This is what you need to leave alone (for now).
9. The Grain. This is what you should work on or enhance.
10. Weather Conditions. This is the help or hindrance you will receive
11. Blessing. This is your outcome.

The above 11 card spread works well just as it is, but it can be adapted to fit your own personal needs. You could use only the Major Arcana if you want to get down to soul- level issues quickly. Or, of course, you can use the full 78-card deck. Cards in positions numbered 1-5 show what the seeker has grown - it may be good or bad, or most likely a mixture. Positions 7-10 indicate how best to work with this "harvest" to achieve the desired outcome (Position 6), and Position 11 shows the most likely outcome.

"The Wheat Sheaf" is my gift to you. You may use it and share it as so long as the entire article is kept intact and unaltered - including the credits and links. Please don’t try to claim authorship - it’s bad karma - and besides it’s copyrighted!

Love and Light

By Sylvia Richards 17th July 2010