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Yearly Membership


How would you like to have all your Tarot needs taken care of for the next twelve months?

Well now you can!

Just look at what you get with my yearly Membership Plan!


You Get: Two Full Readings per Year


A Full Reading includes:Oracle_Board

▸ A chance to ask a question on the MYSTIC ORACLE BOARD.
A device developed by Sylvia, from an ancient idea.

▸ An in-depth TAROT CARD READING, during which you can ask all your questions and perhaps discover some unknown aspects about your past, present and future scenarios
▸ Helpful guidance from THE KARMA CARDS if appropriate, These cards are dKarmaesigned to
provide inspiration when you are not sure how to proceed. They can often unblock a stalled situation. (One question only please)    


▸ A look at THE YEAR AHEAD. When laid out on the special board, the Tarot cards provide Wheel
a month  by month preview of the next twelve months.
OR   -

▸ Secrets of  THE TWELVE HOUSES. When laid out on the other side of the board, the Tarot cards reveal trends, influences and perhaps surprises in twelve different areas of your life (corresponding to the twelve astrological houses).  

▸ At the end MVC-013Sof your reading you will receive a KUSHTI BOK. This is a small sealed card, inside whic

h is written Kushti Bok! (Romany for “Good Luck!”) Sylvia has infused the card with positive energy so that it will bring you good luck all the time you carry it. When you really need luck, open it, but once the seal is broken, it is finished.

A  RECORDING of the whole reading is available upon request. (for "in person" visits only)
▸ The full reading takes 45 minutes to an hour and can be customised to fit the needs of individual clients.

Value: 2 x $45.00  = $90.00 CAD

PLUS: Two Short Readings per Year 


One 40 Minute Spiritual Guidance Session


A Short Reading includes:

▸ A TAROT CARD READING, during which you can ask questions (usually not more than three) or simply gain an overview of past, present and future scenarios
-  OR   -
▸ A month by month preview of  THE YEAR AHEAD. A peek at the next twelve months.
-  OR   -
▸ A look at THE TWELVE HOUSES. Discover the trends, and perhaps surprises in twelve different areas of your life.
▸ At the end of your reading you will receive a KUSHTI BOK. as for the regular reading.
▸ A TAPE RECORDING of the reading is available upon request. (for "in person" readings only)
▸ A Short Reading takes about 30 minutes and can be customised to fit the needs of individual clients.


Value: 2 x $25.00  =$50.00

AS WELL AS: One Question Answered each Month


▸ One question answered briefly by telephone. The cards are laid out once  Takes about10 minutes

Value: 12 x $8.00  = $96.00


AND: One Choice from the following Menu each Month


 ▸ Thee questions on the ORACLE BOARD
▸ A GENERAL TAROT READING to determine the energies at work around you
▸ A CHARACTER READING based on the elements to reveal your strengths and weaknesses. May be for you or someone else in your life - photo or detailed description required)
A COMPATIBILITY READING to guide you how best to interact with important people in your life  
▸ Helpful guidance from THE KARMA CARDS, Inspiration for when you’re not sure how to proceed. (One question only please)    

▸ A Mini Reading takes between 10 and 15 minutes

Value: 12 x $5.00  = $60.00


PLUS: Access to The Members Only Area on this Site


This is where I plan to put some goodies and treats for the members. You'll be able to "Ask the Oracle" and other fun stuff


So This is What Your yearly membership entitles you to:


TWO Full Readings a year

TWO Short Readings a year OR ONE 40 minute Spiritual Guidance session with Sylvia

ONE Question answered briefly each month (by telephone)

ONE choice from the Mini reading menu each month ( General reading, Compatibility Reading, Character Reading, or Karma Cards)

Access to Member's Only Area, where you can Ask the Oracle questions (and eventually much more)




For a LIMITED TIME ONLY I'm offering

▸ 10% off any other service I offer - or WILL offer in the future.

This will include Spiritual Consultations, Lessons from Sylvia, Biorhythms etc. some not yet available)


That's $296.00 value Plus the Bonus Discount for  less than

half the price. Better hurry before I come to

my senses because this price won't last forever!


So, Like I Said,

All your Tarot reading needs taken care of in one easy payment

All for only $120.00 per year.

- that’s less than 35 cents a day - $10.00 a month

**Talk to me Here about a payment plan!**


So What are You Waiting For?

Obviously membership will have to be limited, so first come, first served


Sylvia's Yearly Membership $120.00



After payment, pres RETURN TO MERCHANT. You will be taken to a page where you can fill in your name, email, (and time zone) so that I can contact you to make a mutually convenient appointment. I will also send you the secret link to the Member's Area.




Telephone Readings
Any of the above readings  are available by  Telephone (or Skype) for people who cannot (or prefer not to) arrange a personal visit. The client pays for the call (though of course, Skype makes this free).



“Sylvia’s readings gave me hope when I thought there was none.”   Laurie

“Sylvia gave me a detailed description of my future husband.”    Terri

“It was like she opened up a book and read my life!”   Deanna

“It was much more than a reading. I felt like I had been to a therapy session!”   Rod

“Sylvia predicted my pregnancy and later the sex of my unborn child !”   June

“Those Kushti Boks really work!”   Dale

“She is unbelievably right.....and those Kushti Boks!  Be careful what you wish for!”   Cedella

“She’s usually right - even when you think she’s going to be wrong!”   Shelley


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