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I love the Spring – it’s like we get to look at things afresh with a promise  of what is to come. Speaking of which, why not go take a look at our psychic readers tower at  and find out what’s ahead for you! Here’s a guided tour:

ft exThis is what the inside of the tower looks like. Behind each door there’s a reader. Let’s visit them.
First we have Colin, a gifted Intuitive medium and reader. ColinAs a practicing psychic and a student minister with the Spiritual Science Fellowship, Colin’s goal is to use his gifts to help as many people as possible. He offers several services including Tarot Card Readings, Crystal Readings Intuitive Readings, and   Guided Meditations. A 30 minute session costs $30.00 CAD, or 15 minutes for $20.00 CAD  Visit Colin Here.

angelaNext., meet Angela, who was born in the UK, grew up in Canada, and currently live between Canada and the Netherlands. Angela is offering a NEW Chakra Balancing Meditation that clears and balances each Chakra, one by one, (Only $5.00 Cad!).  She also offers Tarot-Counseling, Atlantis Readings, Dream Interpretations, and the Spiritually FIT Package Tarot combined with direct insight, guidance and spiritual counseling. Visit Angela Here

Then we have Eileen Greaney who reads Angel Cards. Eileen offers aeileen greaney 4 card reading (which takes about 1.5 - 2 hrs.) receiving the Angel's positive guidance regarding tour life in general; possible blocks; guidance to heal this block; and the outcome if you follow their advice. Cost:  $50 CAD Visit Eileen Here


Meet Willow is an accomplished, international Intuitive Medium, a practitioner of Reiki, Quantum Touch, Aromatherapy and Crystal Healing. She offers Intuitive Mediumship Readings in which you may contact a departed loved one, meet your spiritual guides and
Possibly find answers to some deep questions.  She also offers Inner Child Healing, and Past Life Regression. Services offered locally include House Cleansing & Blessing, Reiki & Crystal Therapy and Spiritual & Psychic Development Classes Fees vary.  Visit Willow Here.

Finally, there’s Sylvia  (me!). I’ve been reading Tarot cards for most of my life (and I’m  no Spring sylviasroomChicken!)  I will do my very best to help you and help you to find the answers you are looking for.  A Reading includes:  ▸ A chance to ask a question on the MYSTIC ORACLE BOARD. ▸ An in-depth TAROT CARD READING, during which you can ask all your questions and perhaps discover some unknown aspects about your past, present and future scenarios ▸ Helpful guidance from THE KARMA CARDS if appropriate, ▸ A look at THE YEAR AHEAD. OR  ▸ Secrets of  THE TWELVE HOUSES. trends, influences and perhaps surprises in  twelve different areas of your life  ▸ A  RECORDING of the whole reading is available upon request. ▸ The full reading takes 45 minutes to an hour and costs $45.00. It can be  customised to fit the needs of individual clients. $45.00 CAD. Shorter readings are available. I am also offering a NEW  Yearly Membership -  All your Tarot reading needs taken care of for less than 35 cents a day in one easy payment Visit Sylvia Here

You can find lots to look at in Haven. Just keep moving you mouse around until you find something, then hover it over places to see what’s inside and click on the places you want to visit. There are many articles to read, services to take, and things to buy. We’re in the process of adding more residents, so come back and check often.

Go take a look around - you’ll be glad you did! I know you’ll be back!


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