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Angel Readings


Using Doreen Virtue's "Messages from you Angels" oracle deck, Eileen offers a
4 card reading (which takes about 1.5 - 2 hrs.) receiving the Angel's guidance in
your life.  These readings are always filled with positive insight, never anything
negative, as the Angel's are about providing a postitive influence.

Card #1 - the general theme of your life
Card #2 - possible blocks in your life
Card #3 - the Angel's guidance to heal this block  
Card #4 - reveals the outcome if you follow their advice

This reading does not tell your future as that is yours alone to travel and experience, but it does give accurate guidance based on where you are at this present moment in time and how to deal with any blockages that may be preventing you from reaching a perfect outcome for you.  

Please feel free to let me know if there is a specific question or area you would like covered. They will always answer it, however, please be aware it may not be answered the way you want but will be answered in a positive way that should you choose to follow their guidance will lead you to your desired outcome.

 I would like to add that Angel readings are purely for guidance based on your life circumstances at this time. If you get up in the morning and decide to change the direction of your life then this guidance may no longer be relevant for your new direction, This is the beauty of Angel readings, you can do them as often as you like, even daily or if you have a deck you can pull one card at the start of each day and make the message you receive from the card one that you take with you all day. This reading is for guidance only and the choice is yours alone to do with it as you see fit. If it does not connect for you right now I do ask that you put it aside for a while after which when you read it again it will make perfect sense to you.

The one thing that they ask is that you have fun with it, lighten up in life and never take it too seriously, things truly do run smoother when we become childlike in the way we experience life.

An Angel Reading from Eileen

Cost:  $50 CAD

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Eileen also write's a blog about her spiritual journey.  To read her blog, click here.

Eileen's story....

     I was in my mid 40’s and for the longest time I felt empty like something was missing on an inner level. I told friends I felt like I needed a spiritual cleansing, even the phrase was not mine but I knew it felt right. I didn’t know what I was searching for or how I would find it. Then a visit with a friend to meet a teacher who taught Paper Tole classes led to the chance meeting that was about to change my life in ways I could never have dreamed of. 

     While there I noticed she had spiritual pictures on her wall, When I asked her about them she explained she also held classes teaching people how to connect with their spiritual side and she also did ‘Flower Readings’. I knew in that moment why I had allowed my friend to drag me along, here was someone who might be able to help me find my inner peace. When I went back to her for my Flower reading I noticed she also had the most amazing set of cards, they were beautiful and I wanted my own. She told me they were Angel Cards and I set about to get my very own deck. That was 8 years ago and along with the discovery that I am also a clairsentient (senses) it has been one amazing journey ever since. 

     The search for my very own deck of Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards was a journey in itself, leading me through a series of synchronistic events which you can read more about in my blog ‘An Irreverent Journey‘ right here in Your Spiritual Haven. 

In love & light




Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to do this reading for me, I really appreciate it. Your reading resonates with me a lot and actually refers to many areas I need to work on. My life is very complicated at the moment, and your reading helps me to see that I need to simplify my thoughts and actions.  -LG


Thanks so much for the Angel Reading, I certainly enjoyed it. I must admit to buying the reading just as a way to help (charity) rather than it being a serious thing, but now I must say that a lot of the things you said in the reading may be scarily true!  -J


Wow! Thank you, what a wonderful, wonderful gift. I love it! I will have to go over it again tomorrow and really let it all sink in. -FP


Thank you so very much for my reading. It is extremely relevant to my life at the moment. Finally, you spoke very accurately of my grandfather. Again, thank you for your beautiful messages and I look forward to another of your readings in the future. -MT


Thanks so much for your reading, it was amazing and I really enjoyed reading it. -SG


Wow what can I say, I LOVE your cards. God bless YOU and your angels Eileen and talk to you soon, thank you again. -SC