The natal Ascendant is effectively brought to the cusps of the 11th and 5th houses in the VR chart, at the Nodal axis. The nodal axis is at early Aries and Libra, which aligns with the native’s Ascendant-Descendant axis. Saturn owns 10th house in zodiac (profession/Karma), while Jupiter owns 9th (luck and dharma). They are the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th houses. And the most important amongst the partnerships is the marital union between two individuals. So, this transit carries Jupiter’s undeniable blessings that can help attract abundance and luck by seizing good opportunities coming your way. The highest point, the Midheaven , is often embedded in your Tenth House … One of the most important life areas of the seventh house is marriage. The ascendant is all about self while the 7th house is about the partner. 11th House. This is a cycle in which … I suspect this might be the kick off to the Saturn-Uranus issues that will affect said Venus for this year. Transit Jupiter will be sharing the sign Capricorn with Saturn, the ruler of the sign (the 10th house of Karma in the natural zodiac). On the career front, your dedication and sincerity may get recognised. During the transit of Jupiter in Capricorn, Jupiter will pass through the 11th house, the House of Gains and Alliances. Jupiter square Uranus natal can cause restlessness and anxiety, especially when you are contained in some way or subject to strong discipline. I’m Virgo ascendant and my Mercury at 1 degree Gemini is making an exact “finger of the world” configuration with this square aspect. From now until January 2010, Jupiter transits your twelfth house, benefiting activities that take place “behind the scenes” or otherwise privately. Jupiter entering Aquarius, the sign just before yours, places the lucky planet in your twelfth house. This yoga is good for those born in Moon signs and Ascendants of Pisces (Meena), Taurus (Vrishabha), Cancer (Karkataka), Virgo (Kanya). Their conjunction in 10th house causes Dharma-Karma Yoga. Well, the 7th house in Astrology is the house of partnerships. 10th House. The native’s natal 8th house cusp is exactly conjunct the Venus Return Ascendant. The tenth astrological house is in analogy to the tenth sign of the zodiac, Capricorn. ... Sun in Aries Sun in Taurus Sun in Gemini Sun in Cancer Sun in Leo ... On December 21st (around midday GMT) the Sun will enter Capricorn on the Winter or Summer Solstice whilst Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at the first degree of Aquarius. Pluto in Seventh House and Partnerships. Planets in the star of the occupants of 10th house i.e. Details: Transit Pluto in my natal 4th house, transit Jupiter in my natal 1st house and my Mercury in my 9th. The outcomes are likely to be: Saturn transit 2020- 10th House (Aries) The transit of Saturn in Aries will take place in the tenth house (house of career). Planets in 10th house - Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Rahu Level 3. The 10th House The Tenth House, located at the very top of the birth chart, is the apex of your unique story. The first ones are the most important ones, the most "noticeable" and energetic houses. The 10th house is in the Southern part of the natal chart and located at its top. There is a great deal of impatience and frustration with slow progress because the main influence of this aspect is a strong urge to break free of tradition and routine. To illustrate the tenth house, you will find thousands of celebrities horoscopes who have the 10th House in the 12 signs. Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Rahu - Sun & Saturn (in the star of Sun), no planet in the star of Jupiter, Moon (in the star of Mercury), Venus (in the star of Rahu) Level 2. Pluto in seventh house suggests that for you, committed relationships induce a process that can lead to deep transformation. After marriage, your life rarely remains the same.Relating holds important life lessons here, and overcoming the challenges leads to finding your personal power. The full Moon conjuncts my 12 degree Venus in the 5th, and Venus/Pluto in the 10th is square to my 25 Aries ASC, and opposite my 24 degree Jupiter in the 4th. However, this transit of Saturn for Aries will affect your business partnership, your relationship with your spouse and the other companions that play a major role in your life. Effects of Jupiter transit in the 11th house For Pisces natives, Jupiter is the lord of the 10th and 1st house. Well, the 7th house is just the opposite of the ascendant (or the 1st house).